Asthma Awareness Week

Monday 31st August – Sunday 6th September with Balloon Day Friday 4th September

Many New Zealanders look forward to the warmer weather that spring brings.  For over 500,000 asthmatics in New Zealand however, spring means asthma triggers, including pollen and plants, can be the catalyst for runny noses, sneezing, shortness of breath and, potentially, asthma attacks.  Many also don’t realise that in New Zealand asthma kills at least one person every week.

This Asthma Awareness Week the Asthma Foundation is encouraging all asthmatics to get an annual asthma check up with their GP now, to get that advice and support so they know exactly what to do if their asthma flares up.   More on Asthma Awareness Week.  You can also follow what’s happening through the week on our facebook page – check it out below.

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