Useful resources

We provide a number of resources related to asthma and COPD, including  booklets, fact sheets, posters and management plans.

All Asthma Foundation resources can be ordered online.  Please click online resources to register for this service and order resources.

Click to view resources specifically developed for Māori


What is Asthma

Click Resource-What is Asthma to print this updated booklet with information on symptoms, triggers, management strategies, medicines and steps to take in an asthma emergency.


Triggers in Asthma

Click Resource-Triggers in Asthma to print this booklet with information to help you reduce or avoid your exposure to triggers.


Children and asthma

Click Resource-Children and Asthma to print this booklet with information on symptoms, inhaler use, medicines, physical activity and asthma friendly schools.


Controlling your asthma

Click Resource-Controlling Asthma to print this newly updated booklet with seven steps to help you learn to control your asthma and lead the life you want.


Asthma: Breathing and Physical Activity

Click Resource-Asthma Breathing Exercise Activity to print this booklet with information on keeping active with asthma.



Understanding your Inhaler

Click Resource-Understanding your inhaler to print this updated booklet with tips on how to clean, use and store your inhaler.


Breathe easier with COPD

Click Resource-Breathe Easier with COPD for this updated booklet on COPD.


Management Plans

Asthma Self-Management Plan

Click Resource-Asthma-Self Mgmt Plan to download





Child Asthma Plan

Click Child Asthma Management Plan to download





Child Asthma Plan Symptom Diary

Click Here to download





COPD Management Plan

Click COPD Management Plan to download




Diagnosis and Treatment of COPD (algorithm) - Download Here


Peak Flow and Symptom diary

Click Resource-Peak Flow Diary to download



Educational Resources

‘What Maui learnt about Asthma’ (book)




Asthma First Aid – English


Asthma First Aid – Maori





Asthma – Help yourself and stay well

Click Resource-Asthma – Help Yourself and Stay Well to download




Asthma and smoking

Click Asthma and Smoking to read the pamphlet that explains why asthma and smoking just don’t mix.






Asthma in the workplace

Click Asthma in the workplace to read the pamphlet containing information about Occupational Asthma.





Don’t give asthma a home

Download Here






Does your child cough?

Click Here to read this pamphlet containing information on coughing in our children:  common coughs, other symptoms, and information to help you prepare for your doctor’s questions.




DVD: Cough free – the way to be

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Health TV the Asthma Foundation has put together a DVD. Cough free – the way to be, narrated by former Warriors rugby league player Wairangi Koopu, focuses on recognising the signs of infection that can lead to bronchiectasis and acting on them. It is targeted at Maori but the messages apply to everyone.