Asthma Awareness Week

Asthma Awareness Week 2014 is the 13-19 October with Balloon Day on Friday 17 October.  These are the faces of New Zealanders with asthma – help us help them lead a full life.

Asthma Awareness Week 52image

Have you been wondering ‘What is 52′.  At least 52 New Zealanders will die from asthma this year.  People are surprised to learn that asthma can kill – many people regard asthma as a mild disease that causes the odd episode of wheezy breathing.  For at least 52 families in New Zealand this year, asthma will be tragically memorable.

We need your help to fund research and provide education and support to all New Zealanders with asthma.  Please donate generously.

Balloon Day

Balloon Day is on Friday 17th October. It is a day where we ask you to help us raise funds to continue our work educating and supporting families and funding research for asthma.  Find out more about Balloon Day.